Welcome to Byve. We are a marketplace with mission to create a better world. Happy Byving

A kinder way to buy. And sell.

Byve Is a movement where both the Buyers (customers) and Sellers (product suppliers, service providers), support a cause of their choice whilst completing a transaction between them. This act spreads the “goodness” to the world seeing as they are making a positive difference to charitable causes of their choice.

The time to Byve is always.
  • When you want to buy/ sell whilst helping humanity
  • When you want to support a cause of your choice
  • The time to Byve is if you feel like connecting with or helping other people.

  • You can Byve in any location or setting with online access to Byve.io
  • The process is simple and takes only a few minutes
  • The process is done digitally which makes it more convenient for people on the go

  • People Byve to align with the cosmic law to do the right thing by society.
  • Byving creates the positive energy of Selflessness
  • Knowing that there is someone being helped when you buy or sell
  • Sustainable way of supporting the people in need
  • Helping people without an additional cost
  • You can support a cause anytime you buy something which could possibly change peoples lives
  • You can connect with other people when you buy from them and this could create life long friendship.

  • You choose the product/service you would like to buy
  • Choose a cause of your choice to support
  • The seller will also choose a cause of their choice,
  • at no additional cost the money is donated to the causes.

Everyone can Byve, whether you’re a seller, a buyer or a kind person who wants to help out. Both the Buyer and the seller donate to causes in need.
Step 1

We bring buyers and sellers together to help fund causes, community groups and charities.


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Step 2

Every time you Byve something, we channelise a part of the money you pay to a cause that you choose. And also, a part of what the seller gets, to a cause the seller chooses.


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Step 3

This means, you help more than one cause each time you byve anything. Without paying a penny extra.


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Step 4

So start byving. It's a kinder way to buy. And sell.


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